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What Color is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is an often overlooked component of your vehicle, but it is important to ensure safe vehicle performance on the roads of Orlando and Sanford. Because brake fluid is a crucial part of your vehicle, you may be asking, “What color is brake fluid, and what does brake fluid look like?” Initially, your brake fluid should be a clear liquid with a slight yellow tint. As you drive around Deltona and Deland, though, the color and viscosity of your brake fluid will change. When this happens, it is time to set up a service appointment at the Longwood Mitsubishi service center to replace the brake fluid in your vehicle. 

What is the Purpose of Brake Fluid? 

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid designed to keep the braking system in your vehicle operating smoothly. Brake fluid assists with the movement of the pedal and helps to prevent corrosion by lubricating the entire brake system. If you do not have enough brake fluid or the brake fluid acquires contaminants, your brake system will not function properly, which can be a major safety hazard. 

How to Check Brake Fluid

It is actually quite easy to check your brake fluid right at home. Keeping tabs on your brake fluid can help prevent serious issues down the road. Now that we have answered what color is brake fluid and what does brake fluid look like, you know what to look for when checking the level. 

  1. Open the hood to locate the master cylinder and the brake fluid reservoir. If you are not sure of its location, you can find this information in your owner’s manual. 
  2. Inspect the minimum and maximum lines on your fluid reservoir. The fluid level should fall between these markings. If the fluid level is below the minimum line, more fluid needs to be added. 
  3. What color is your brake fluid? If it has a dark, oily appearance, it’s time for a flush and replacement.

Make Longwood Mitsubishi Your Destination for Trusted Brake Care

Proper brake care is essential if you want your vehicle to operate as safely as possible on the roads of Longwood and Orlando. In addition to checking your brake fluid, there are several other service tasks that are recommended for complete peace of mind. If your brakes are in need of service, you can set up an appointment online with our highly-skilled technicians. Contact us today if you have any questions about brake maintenance, and be sure to take a look at our current service specials for added savings on the recommended maintenance your vehicle requires to perform at its best.


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